TRACER and Audi bring Vietnam action movie to a new level

Extreme challenges, extreme cars: TRACER choose Audi.

Audi Vietnam has joined forces with Producer Truong Ngoc Anh and Director Cuong Ngo to bring Vietnam action movies to a new level.

That started with Audi’s successful integration in the movie. Audi is not a passive presence in this film. It’s ever-present and featured especially during a major chase sequence that’s integral to the movie. That scene showcases Audi cars right in the heart of the action generating excitement. In TRACER, Audi is not just another sponsor of the film but a dynamic part of it and now also of the launch of the film including live-acting performance at the movie launch concerts.

To overcome challenges, TRACER women heroes need to rely on powerful, agile and intelligent technology.

To make such a daring film, TRACER’s crew had to overcome many difficulties and challenges. Adventurous shooting included a scene with two cars chasing each other. As it was shot in a very steep downhill path, the crew had to calculate very precisely to minimize the possibility of accidents. Thanks to the actors’ excellent driving skills and Audi cars excellent chassis dynamics, when the car had to slid out of lanes running the risk of crashing into safety barriers, all footage was done brilliantly without accidents., At Audi, we call it “Vorsprung Durch Technik”.

Extreme action, extreme cars: TRACER choose Audi TT Coupe, A3 sedan and Sportback, A6 ultra and quattro models Audi A7 Sportback, A8L, Q5 and Q7.

With the Audi TT Coupe, you dare or you don’t and the uncompromising design icon is more powerful and dynamic than ever. The Audi A3 sedan and Sportback are dynamically ahead. The Audi A6 ultra - fresh power for an established winner - is the premium sedan of reference. All Audi models in TRACER use a turbocharged engine as all Audi models imported in Vietnam: the turbocharged engine is superior power and TRACER makes you feel what power means. Combined with quattro technology, the turbocharged engine creates full driving pleasure. The Audi A7 Sportback quattro – Pioneering perfection – brings design and driving pleasure to a different dimension. The Audi A8L quattro – the art of progress – delivers 435 hp of sheer power and driving dynamics. The Audi Q5 quattro – you will never drive alone – keeps you in full control. The Audi Q7 quattro – the great quattro – will make you match about any extreme condition you may face on Vietnam roads even when there is no road...

“Audi Vietnam’s active participation in TRACER highlights Audi brand’s cutting edge technology and sleek design” said Laurent Genet, General Director of Audi Vietnam.
In Vietnam since 2008, Audi keeps bringing to Vietnamese customers advanced technologies from Germany such as quattro permanent all-wheel drive, powerful and highly fuel-efficient turbocharged engines, equipment and trim with the highest standards of luxury for pleasure drives.”

Audi Vietnam proudly supports the release of TRACER in cinemas for the Premiere nights in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang.

TRACER movie showcases Vietnam’s unique scenic beauty with picturesque Dalat and luxury locations such as GEM Center in Ho Chi Minh City.
“For Audi, Vietnam is the land of quattro” concludes Tran Tan Trung – Audi Vietnam Dealer General Director.

Audi Vietnam invited to Truy Sat Premiere night the 26 lucky Audi fans winners of the online contest on Audi Vietnam FaceBook.