Audi Vietnam sponsors DANANG COASTAL CITY revealing central Vietnam’s mix of tradition and progress towards modern urban mobility

For Audi, urbanism makes life in the city. CFAO Group and Audi brought to Vietnam in 2007 the latest world-class Audi architecture in the form of the Audi terminal Ho Chi Minh City. In 2009. Audi Hanoi was visionary in its move to open an Audi Terminal in the emerging My Dinh Area at a time when new buildings were just being built. Facing the trend-setting Hanoi Museum, Audi Hanoi opened in 2012 the largest Audi terminal in Vietnam. In December 2015, Audi Vietnam just opened Audi Danang. This is the third Audi Terminal in Vietnam joining the family of over 450 Audi Terminal worldwide.

Jointly with the Goethe Institute, Audi Vietnam proudly pioneered the first „Ho Chi Minh MEGA CITY“ book, „Hanoi CAPITAL CITY“ second book and now proudly supports the new „Da Nang COASTAL CITY“ book.

„Henning Hilbert and Michael Waibel’s editorial approach to „Da Nang COASTAL CITY“ book once again reveal their professional sense of urbanism nicely blended with a true vision with Danang‘s progressive move mixing with strong empathy for Hoi An and Hue preserving traditional iconic central Vietnam yet all moving towards modern urban city“ declares Laurent Genet - Audi Vietnam General Director.

To re-imagine the city for sustainable, accessible, equitable and enjoyable ways to move from one place to another is to re-imagine urban mobility. Modern Da Nang costal city is rapidly changing against the backdrop of globalization and has managed to keep the lifestyle of a coastal city. How do Hoi An and Hue combine tradition and history preservation with the constant development of growing modern needs?

Located on the way from the airport to Da Nag city center, the new Audi Danang terminal clearly points toward modern Danang. Da Nang is a dynamic city and a regional hub. Audi Danang’s futuristic architecture design contributes to the coastal city urban landscape. Audi Danang displays 8 new car showrooms, Audi genuine spare parts, mechanical, body work and water-based painting in full compliance with AUDI AG standards over 2,500 sqm. Audi model range includes the Audi TT Coupe, A3, A4, A6 and A8L sedans, A5 and A7 Sportback, Q3, Q5 and Q7 Sport Utility Vehicles. Audi models in Danang benefit from unlimited mileage warranty during the first three years. On the official opening of Audi Danang, Audi Vietnam launched the new Audi Q7 2.0 TFSI quattro nationwide.

„At our launch in December 2015, customers told us their pride of having now Audi’s futuristic design in Danang; they really appreciate our concern for the environment as we are using water-based paints in our paint shop to keep the city clean city and support sustainable urban development“ confirms Nguyen Phu Tan - Audi Danang Branch Director.“

For Audi, across the globe cities are growing extremely rapidly and the publication of „DA Nang COSTAL CITY“ book is another clear testimony of this trends already unfolding in Vietnam.

More than half of humanity already lives in cities, and in 2050 the proportion will be approximately 70 percent. A decline in individual traffic in cities is not to be expected: the figures for new vehicle registration in the world’s growth regions are growing continuously including in Vietnam. AUDI AG sets its sights on solutions in which individual transportation makes a positive contribution in an overall system of different forms of mobility.

Since 2010 the Audi Urban Future Initiative has been a platform for an international and interdisciplinary dialog about the future of mobility in cities. Urban planners, mobility specialists, data researchers and designers develop specific solutions in cooperation with Audi experts for conveying people quickly and conveniently from A to B and making the best possible use of space in cities. The Initiative regards itself as an incubator for new ideas that enrich the discourse about networked mobility and improve the quality of life in our cities. The Audi Urban Future Award is held every two years. The competition began in 2010 with visionary proposals for urban mobility. The Award 2012 showed mobility scenarios in five metropolitan regions worldwide. In 2014, Mexico City won the third Audi Urban Future Award, at 100,000 euros the world’s highest-value prize for innovative mobility solutions.

“Audi’s vision is a system where individual mobility becomes the source of social benefits rather than costs. A strategic goal is reducing the urban footprint of cars both moving and parked. In this system the car will give more space to cities, give more time to people. In short: improve quality of urban life. 75 percent of the infra-structure we will see in 2050 don’t exist yet. Now is the time to act and support such urban development initiatives!” concludes Laurent Genet – Audi Vietnam General Director.

To reimagine the city for sustainable, accessible, equitable and enjoyable ways to move from one place to the another is to imagine the next leap in urban mobility. “Vorsprung durch Technik” to all for a better experience of urban life in a livable city.