Launch Owning Audi with Viet Capital Bank joint-promotion

Audi and Viet Capital Bank launch „Owning Audi with Viet Capital Bank“ joint-promotion.

At Audi A6 launch, Audi and Viet Capital Bank sign joint-partnership

Audi customers can be financed up to 100% and save more on Audi A3, A4, Q3 and Q7 financing

From June 26th to September 30th, Viet Capital Bank and Audi Vietnam official dealer – Lien-A International JSC – offer their joint promotion „Owning Audi with Viet Capital Bank“.

Viet Capital Bank allocated 300 Billion VND to „Owning Audi with Viet Capital Bank“ program offering to Viet Capital Bank customers to finance up to 100% of their new Audi car. When the car value is used as collateral, financing will be limited to 80%. Properties, savings/term deposit balance and car are accepted as collaterals.

Audi and Viet Capital bank customers can finance ther new Audi car for a duration from 24 months up to 60 months for companies and 72 months for individuals.

Wihthin that program, Viet Capital Bank limit the interest rate to 6.9% the first year. Subsequent years, Viet Capital Bank‘s interest rate per eyar is equal to the 12 months bank deposit interest paid at maturity plus a 4% minimum margin.

Audi customers purchasing a new Audi A3, A4, Q3 or Q7 save more as they benefit from an additional discount up to 63 million VND on their financing.

To celebrate the launch of „Owning Audi with Viet Capital Bank“ program, Viet Capital Bank guests attending Viet Capital Bank’s tournament in Phu Quoc island can win Audi hole-in-one prizes - including the newly launched Audi A6.

„This is the first time Viet Capital Bank is launching a joint-program with Audi Vietnam and we are looking forward to a „Owning Audi with Viet Capital Bank“ highlights Mr. Nguyen Hoai Nam, Vice President of Viet Capital Bank.

„Audi Vietnam is delighetd to have join forces with Viet Capital Bank in Phu Quoc to put together an attractive offer for both Audi and Viet capital Bank customers“ concludes Tran Tan Trung – Audi Vietnam Dealer – General Director.

To find out more about „Owning Audi with Viet Capital Bank“ visit Audi Ho Chi Minh City and Audi Hanoi branches of Audi Vietnam Dealer - Lien-A International Joint Stock Company.