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Audi Vietnam News & Events 2023
Exhibition of Sustainable Interiors

Exhibition of Sustainable Interiors

REBORN DÉCOR - From Trash to Treasure

Ho Chi Minh City, October 15, 2023

The exhibition of Sustainable Interiors REBORN DÉCOR is an event organized by the Reborn Décor project to promote the significance and spirit of using recycled materials to reduce the negative impact on the environment, especially plastic waste.

According to a report by the Ocean Conservancy and the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment, five countries in Asia (China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines) are experiencing an explosion in demand for consumer products but lack the infrastructure to manage waste, especially in dealing with the increase in plastic bags, and are becoming the leading countries in plastic leakage into the ocean. Recognizing the severity of the problem, the Reborn Décor project was founded to create a positive change for environmental issues in the country and region. The main goal of the project is to raise awareness among individuals about the importance of recycling and towards a sustainable lifestyle. At this exhibition, we will introduce unique ideas on how to recycle plastic materials into useful home decor and furniture products. In addition, all proceeds from the auction on November 29 will be used to build a green playground for more than 600 children at Đồng Nai Children's Hospital.

The mission of the exhibition is to create positive changes in the way people think and act about the use and recycling of materials. We appreciate the cooperation of partners in Vietnam from foreign companies, domestic companies, universities, etc., towards the mission and positive values of Reborn Décor. Reborn Décor's goal in the future is to expand activities in Vietnam, successfully implement the exhibition of Sustainable Interiors REBORN DÉCOR in Indonesia and expand to other countries in the region to reach a diverse audience in order to fulfill the mission that we set out.

The collaboration with Reborn Décor is one of the actions following the long-term development strategy of the Audi brand, aiming to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The production lines of the electric car models exhibited at the Audi Charging Lounge location, including the Audi e-tron GT quattro and RS e-tron GT, are both produced at the Böllinger Höfe carbon-neutral factory, using 100% green electricity, limiting the use of paper and packaging in closed systems. The aluminum sheets generated during the production of the car body are compressed and returned to the supplier for recycling and reuse. Audi has also launched other plastic recycling projects, where plastic waste is processed into fibers that are then used in 3D printers to manufacture tools for the production process.

Main events during the exhibition week:
• Exhibition of 20 pieces of furniture made from recycled plastic sheets designed by students from Tôn Đức Thắng University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, as well as the contributions of other designers such as Lynn Lin (USA), students from Bangka Belitung University (Indonesia).
• Activities to give away products or gifts to event visitors.
• Games to promote the message of environmental protection.
• Charity auction of exhibited products: 100% of the proceeds from the auction will be used to build a green playground for more than 800 children at Đồng Nai Children's Hospital.

Official information about the exhibition of Sustainable Interiors REBORN DÉCOR:
• Time of exhibition: from October 26, 2023 to November 4, 2023
• Opening hours:
o Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 7:30 PM
o Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
• Location: Audi Charging Lounge, 6B Tôn Đức Thắng, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City