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Audi and Vietmap sign strategic partnership for comprehensive driving experience with new Android box BS10 in Vietnam > 2023 > News & Events > Audi Vietnam
Audi Vietnam News & Events 2023
Audi and Vietmap sign strategic partnership for comprehensive driving experience with new Android box BS10 in Vietnam

Audi and Vietmap sign strategic partnership for comprehensive driving experience with new Android box BS10 in Vietnam

Vietnam, July 12th, 2023

  • From August 2023, experience the new Vietmap BS10 Android box in Audi Hanoi, Audi Danang, Audi Ho Chi Minh City and Audi Tan Binh to win lucky prizes
  • Audi cars in Vietnam can play Vietmap's cutting-edge navigation and Vietmap Live traffic alert, Android Box remote-control functionality via VM Connect app, and the exclusive Auto Resume technology in Vietmap BS10
  • “The launch of groundbreaking Vietmap BS10 Android box at Audi Charging Lounge enhances value and convenience for our loyal Audi customers” declares Laurent Genet, Audi Vietnam official Importer General Director

Audi and Vietmap - two leading brands in the automotive technology industry – sign- today a strategic partnership agreement and unveiled their latest product and cooperation at the prestigious Audi Charging Lounge showroom in District 1.

The event marked the strong collaboration between the two brands, promising unique and innovative synergies for customers in the future. At the press event, Audi and Vietmap designed a dedicated product experience area for distinguished guests, featuring a live demonstration of the groundbreaking Vietmap BS10 product and the integration of the state-of-the-art android box on the full range of Audi premium and supercars, petrol and fully electric.

During the launch event, esteemed guests had the opportunity to experience VIETMAP's cutting-edge navigation and traffic alert features through Vietmap Live, remote-control functionality of the Android Box through the VM Connect app, and the exclusive Auto Resume technology on the VIETMAP BS10. All these features seamlessly integrate and operate smoothly on the original screens of AUDI's premium models.

Based on the experiences at the signing ceremony, some key features of the BS10 include:

PiP(Picture-in-Picture): This feature allows applications to be displayed in a small window on the main interface, enabling quick and convenient access to default apps such as navigation and music.

Wireless TPMS Connectivity: The product supports wireless connection with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors VIETMAP BT10, with direct display on the main interface for users to easily monitor information.

Compatibility with All Screen Sizes: The BS10 is compatible with screens of all sizes, across various car brands in general, and specifically with the screens of AUDI's electric and gasoline supercars.

Compact and Elegant Design: The BS10 has a compact and elegant design, accompanied by LED border lights that can change colors, creating a unique and eye-catching appearance.

In addition to supporting 4G connectivity and 5GHz Wi-Fi for fast and stable network connections, the BS10 also supports wireless connectivity with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Vietmap understands the high demands for features and user-friendly convenience. Therefore, the device supports voice control via KIKI and the ability to split the screen to enjoy multiple applications simultaneously.

Notable features include the exclusive VM Connect app, which allows remote control of the Android box via a smartphone, enabling functions such as remote route planning, reviewing travel history for the past 7 days, music control, and app selection. The two standout navigation apps, VIETMAP Live and VIETMAP S2, offer attractive interfaces and accurate traffic information.

Audi and Vietmap representatives provided detailed information addressing all inquiries regarding the collaboration between the two brands and the Android Box product.

Together with Audi, Vietmap confidently leads the automotive industry in providing safe and convenient mobility solutions. With a customer-centric approach, both brands are committed to delivering exciting and modern experiences that accompany customers on every journey.

"We are committed to delivering the best products and services, combining innovation and high quality to meet the needs and expectations of our customers," shared Mr. Huynh Buu Quoc, Deputy General Director of Vietmap JSC, at the event.

Vietmap’s latest technological solutions deliver impressively high customer satisfaction to the attendees.

Furthermore, the partnership brings exciting benefits for Audi owners through an enticing incentive program. It kicks off with a lucky draw where participants have a chance to win various Vietmap technology products, cash prizes, and discount vouchers at Audi showrooms.

This program - exclusively designed for Audi customers - is aiming to provide the best possible value from both brands. Experience Vietmap BS10 in the dedicated android box booth at Audi Hanoi, Audi Tan Binh and Audi Ho Chi Minh City.

"We are thrilled about this special incentive program, and both brands have many collaborative plans for the future, designed in order to receive a warm reception from our valued customers," said Mr. Tran Tan Trung, General Director Audi Vietnam Official Dealer.

Representatives of Audi Vietnam and Vietmap are now looking forward to a fruitful and successful collaboration, which sets the foundation for robust development across various aspects, from products and business to post-sales services, with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

The press event has garnered significant attention from reputable media outlets, creating a strong impact and widespread awareness within the user community.
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