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Audi Vietnam News & Events 2022
AUDI Vietnam becomes the main sponsor of the first professional VBA 3x3 in Vietnam

AUDI Vietnam becomes the main sponsor of the first professional VBA 3x3 in Vietnam

Vietnam, 5th May 2022

Stepping into the 6th year, VBA has gradually become more and more professional with a lot of innovation. The league focuses more on community activities, bring basketball closer to everyone. Thanks to many successful events such as Tryout, School Visit and “Cột rổ ước mơ” (Your dream hoop), VBA specifically and basketball in Vietnam has gained a huge amount of audiences across a wide range of age.

3x3 basketball has been focused on developing by the World Basketball Federation (FIBA) in recent years, but in fact this type has become the daily breath of enthusiasts for a long time.

With only half a yard, 1 basket, 3 players per team, an exciting match can take place anywhere. That simplicity, neatness, and generosity has helped 3x3 basketball quickly crept through every corner and become a familiar urban culture.

In recent years in Vietnam, a variety of 3x3 tournaments such as movement, semi-professional, city championship, and national championships have been increasingly developed. Specially, at the 30th SEA Games, the Vietnam Men's 3x3 Basketball Team won the historic bronze medal. This once again affirms a certain position and interest of the national community in 3x3 basketball.

In order to encourage people to practice basketball, and at the same time join hands to create an exciting atmosphere to serve the community and visitors to celebrate the historic milestone, VBA officially announced the plan to organize the Vietnam 3x3 Professional Basketball Tournament (abbreviation VBA 3x3) in 2022.

Seeing the potential of the sport and how the two organizations’ mission match, Audi Vietnam consider VBA as a strategic partner, creating a platform for the brand to introduce its sportiness and dynamism to audiences. Therefore, when VBA holds the Vietnam's first professional 3x3 basketball court, Audi Vietnam continues to support this ideal as the main sponsor of the VBA 3x3 season.

Not only providing economic support, but Audi Vietnam also satisfies speed enthusiasts with a series of genuine cars on display at the tournament area including Audi A4, Audi A6, Audi Q5 and Audi Q8 models.

“Audi AG is a partner of top sports nation-wide and world-wide. Our commitment to sport establishes an ideal foundation to demonstrate the sportiness and dynamism of the brand to the public. With that in mind, Audi Vietnam is proud to collaborate with national sport teams and leagues. Beside partnering up with several professional sport leagues, Audi Vietnam is happy to continue to be the main sponsor for VBA 3x3 2022. We believe this long-term commitment will result in a success this year,” Laurent Genet, general director of Audi Vietnam Official Importer, said.