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Audi continues partnership with VBA season 2019

Audi continues partnership with VBA season 2019

Ho Chi Minh City, June 7th 2019

Audi AG is a regional, national and international partner in top-caliber sports. Its commitment in sport sponsorship provides Audi with an ideal platform to present the sporting performance and dynamism of the brand to an international audience. In the same activation, Audi Vietnam is pleasure to supports sports in Vietnam with a passion and in assuming responsibility for Vietnam sport development.

Registered in 2016, Vietnam Basketball Association (VBA) is the first professional basketball league. in Vietnam and Audi Vietnam sponsored the basketball league from the early beginning in 2017. To ensure a prestigious event, Vietnam Basketball Association continues to select Audi for partnership. This is the second time Audi Vietnam teams up with such a progressive and competitive VBA champions. Last year, Audi contributed to the success of VBA 2017 which spreaded great inspiration amongts the youth.

VBA 2019 will be a new and more exciting VBA when FANs are at the center of every game, because basketball is not only thrilling moment on the pitch but also passion from the fans on stands. A VBA maximizing the recreational sports model with a young and dynamic image will be brought closer to fans than ever before. Many exciting experiences, live performances on the pitch, and new contents, media campaigns have been preparing, ready to bring fans a memorable season.

Together with being partner of VBA 2019, this year Audi will again to be „The title sponsor“ for Thang Long Warriors (TLW) team. In partnership with TLW in 2 consecutive seasons 2017 & 2018, Audi Vietnam became strategic partner of the team. Despite just joining the league for the very first time from 2017 among many other strong competiors, TLW showed impression for the entire audience, the fans, the basketball lovers in Vietnam. And now, they target the higher goal for this year 2019 to bring some surprising and amazing things to all Vietnamese basketball fans. Audi is proud to be a partner with their ambitions as a sponsor but also as one of Audi shareholders and Thang Long Warriors team owners in Vietnam.

„Sport is an active expression of both individual and team playing, dexterity, human relationships and trust. Basketball is a a fast pace environment and VBA sponsorship is an excellent way for Audi to engage with consumers and young generations in authentic, inspiring ways enhancing the Audi brand values in Vietnam “, shares Mr. Laurent Genet, Audi Vietnam official Importer General Director.

In Vietnam, Audi engines deliver high torque, efficient power and low fuel consumption. Like in sports, technology, design and sportiness are values that characterize every Audi. Lightweight design combines optimized metals to ensure solid, safe and agile chassis making Audi cars sporty and enjoyable to drive.

„ Audi Vietnam is delighted to continue partnership with VBA to contribute to the success of this 2018 season in Vietnam“ concludes Tran Tan Trung Audi Vietnam official Dealer General Director.

„As Thang Long Warriors team owner , I always want to give the best support to our players, physically and mentally, so they can feel connected. Together with the journey of Thang Long Warriors team, we look forward to developing basketball sport in Vietnam” concludes Tracy Thu Luong – Team owner of Thang Long Warriors.
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