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For 10 years already, Vietnam is the land of quattro. Audi is the home of quattro at Vietnam Motor Show 2018 > 2018 > News & Events > Audi Vietnam
Audi Vietnam News & Events 2018
For 10 years already, Vietnam is the land of quattro. Audi is the home of quattro at Vietnam Motor Show 2018

For 10 years already, Vietnam is the land of quattro.

Audi is the home of quattro at Vietnam Motor Show 2018.

Ho Chi Minh City, August 20th 2018

With quattro, all conditions are perfect conditions.

Almost fourty years ago, the first Audi quattro that was destined to revolutionize automotive technology grabbed the public's attention at the Geneva Motor Show in 1980. The birth of the first quattro is the story of driving trials in the snow and a trailblazing idea – a hollow shaft in the transmission that transmits engine power to both the front and rear wheels. With the added touch of a center differential, the first Audi quattro went on sale at the end of 1980. The angular coupé became an instant sales hit. With its permanent all-wheel drive and the 200 hp five-cylinder turbo engine it opened up a dimension of dynamism and driving fun that had previously been unavailable. 2011 was the first year in which automobiles equipped with quattro represented more than 40 percent of Audi sales worldwide. With quattro, Audi continues to be the most successful premium brand in all-wheel drive worldwide. And not just SUV drivers rely on all-wheel drive from the company with the four rings. Audi offers the broadest all-wheel drive model line-up in the premium segment worldwide.

Vietnam is the land of quattro

The term quattro means more than traction – it represents emotion, driving safety and sportiness, it stands for engineering expertise and a dynamic spirit. Since October 2008 when Audi Vietnam was launched with the opening of Audi in Ho Chi Minh City, Audi customers continue to prefer the dynamic performance and safety of the quattro drive system. quattro models in Vietnam include the lurury saloon A8L, Audi A5 and A7 Sportback as well as Q3, Q5 and Q7 models. Over 66% of Audi cars owners in Vietnam today selected quattro. Vietnam is the land of quattro.


“Audi, the home of quattro” at Vietnam Motor Show 2018

Featuring Audi progressive design, sporty feel and sophisticated style, the Audi stand will display up to 10 Audi cars over 545 square meters in „Audi, the home of quattro“ stand. Audi models on display will include Audi A4 and A6 sedans, Audi A5 Sportback quattro, Audi Q2, Q3 quattro, Q5 quattro and Q7 quattro SUV. Those Audi models are homologated to be available for delivery to customers. All Audi cars come with engines deliver high torque, efficient power and low fuel consumption. Lightweight design combines optimized metals to ensure solid, safe and agile chassis making Audi cars enjoyable to drive.

„ As Audi A4, A5, A6 as well as Q2, Q3, Q5 and Q7 models will be fully homologated and available for immediate delivery to customers, we are looking forward to a positive Vietnam Motor Show 2018 for Audi Vietnam to celebrate ten years in Vietnam” highlights Tran Tan Trung Audi Vietnam official Dealer General Director.

At VMS 2018, Audi Vietnam will also release on the Audi stand for the first time a new movie “Vietnam the land of quattro”. Audi Vietnam team shot that movie across the country during over one year to showcase the natural beauty of Vietnam as a tribute to the first ten years of Audi and quattro in Vietnam. Visitors to the Audi stand at Vietnam Motor Show 2018 will enjoy fashion shows, experience games and sports animations to win Audi prizes. Audi Vietnam will reveal more activities as VMS 2018 starting date gets closer.


The future is now

This time for the first time in ten years, Audi Vietnam will unveil two weeks before VMS 2018 new Audi models and future trends on 10th of October 2018 in Singapore. Under the theme „Why settle for today when you can experience tomorrow“, the first Audi Brand Experience Singapore 2018 will showcase new Audi models, luxury and sporty concept cars and Electric Vehicles ready for tomorrow. New Audi models unveiled at Audi Brand Experience Singapore 2018 include the all-new Audi A7 Sportback, A8L and Q8.

To celebrate 10 years of Audi and quattro in Vietnam, Audi Vietnam will invite to Audi Brand Experience Singapore 2018 the first 10 customers pre-ordering the all-new Audi A8L quattro or Audi Q8 quattro. The pre-ordering date starts from August 20th 2018.

Audi Vietnam VIP invitations will include flight, hotel, catering, transportation and Audi Brand experience Singapore 2018 including gala dinner for two people.

“Audi Vietnam has kept growing for ten years already, in October we will be unveiling at Audi Brand Experience Singapore 2018 new trends and Audi models of the future which Audi Vietnam will make available as soon as possible to customers in Vietnam so visit Audi, the home of quattro at VMS 2018” concluded Mr. Laurent Genet Audi Vietnam Official Importer General Director.”