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“Captain America: Civil War”, all heroes select Audi

“Captain America: Civil War”, all heroes select Audi

„Captain America: Civil War“ puts The Avengers to a fundamental test. But there is one thing they can always count on: Audi, the car for every hero.

This is no longer a fair fight with the Audi SQ7 appearing in the movie.

Audi TV spot with spectacular duel featuring the Q7 line available for viewing online before the movie is released.

For Marvel fans, exclusive comics edition first chapter is now online.

„Captain America: Civil War“ puts The Avengers to a fundamental test

„Captain America: Civil War“ reunites the Avengers under the leadership of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans). But as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have gotten stronger, so has their challengers, and escalation has created casualties. The world’s governments join forces and ask the Avengers to either register or retire. Tony, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and Vision (Paul Bettany) sign the accord, Captain America, Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Falcon (Anthony Mackie), and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) opt out. But an old friend, Winter Soldier, reveals a new threat to the fractured team, forcing them to chose sides. Marvel’s „Captain America: Civil War“ now puts The Avengers to a fundamental test.: take sides.

But there is one thing The Avengers can always count on: Audi

The brand with the four rings again plays a major supporting role. That started with Audi’s successful integration in the movie. Audi is not a passive presence in this film. It’s ever-present and featured especially during a major chase sequence driving it through a tunnel chasing Winter Soldier that’s an integral part of the movie. “The Chase" merges real life with movie fantasy. It puts a regular family right in the heart of the action. That chase scene which is an integral part of „Captain America: Civil War“ is one of the best Audi assets after years of partnership with Marvel. Audi cars are right in the heart of the action generating excitement making the car becoming itself a hero.
“Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War showcases futuristic technologies and other powerful resources, including Audi vehicles like our new Q7 line. These legendary heroes, much like Audi models, demonstrate leadership, high performance and pure fun to fans and moviegoers worldwide. Indeed with the all-new Audi Q7, there is no fair fight“ highlights Tran Tan Trung - Audi Vietnam Dealer - General Director.

Audi, a car for every hero.

To keep moving things at a fast pace, Super Heroes need dependable powerful, agile and intelligent technology. Super Heroes in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War drive Audi cars. Also making its Hollywood debut in the third installment is the Audi prologue as the show car.

Captain America (Chris Evans) The main character commandeering a special forces (“GSG9”) catches a ride in the new Audi SQ7. “Captain America has superpowers, his trademark is the indestructible Vibranium shield. The Audi SQ7 adds a new superpower to his arsenal, making this sporty SUV the perfect fit for him,” says Anthony Russo, who directed the movie along with his brother Joe Russo.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Junior) relies on his Audi R8 V10 plus Coupé quattro.

Agent 13 (Emily VanCamp) selected her all-new Audi A4 for an important meeting in Berlin to deliver strategic assets Captain America’s shield and Falcon’s wings.

T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) Leader of an upscale, technology driven South African country, oto go to a G8 summit takes his Audi prologue Show Car.

Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) prefers his Audi A7 Sportback quattro.

The Avengers cars parked outside Avengers Compound feature Audi RS 7 Sportback, S5 Cabriolet and SQ5, all Audi quattro models.

For Marvel fans who can’t wait for the official movie release date, Audi already offers an exclusive peek at the spectacular duel in the new Audi SQ7.

In addition to the new Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War movie, directors Anthony and Joe Russo also filmed an exclusive Audi video featuring the chase scene shown in the film and the new Audi SQ7. The video can be viewed online starting on April 18 at prior to the release of the movie.

And for Marvel comics fans, Audi‘s exclusive The Avengers comics.

Already available online, Audi and Marvel also published The Avengers Comics Customs edition online: THE AVENGERS IN: KING OF THE ROAD (2016) #1
First chapter in English is online at

„The advanced high tech settings and creations of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War science fiction movie reflect perfectly Audi’s progressive values; Tony Stark’s innovative and unconventional thinking to solve problems is Audi style and we call it “Vorsprung Durch Technik”.” concludes Laurent Genet - Audi Vietnam Importer - General Director.